How to Put on a Saree

To many who have never worn one, the saree may look like a complicated attire to put on. This should definitely not stop you from wearing this graceful piece of clothing that truly looks gorgeous on anyone. It is actually very simple to arrange and in the following we will explain step by step how to put it on and the fashion tips that will make sure your saree looks stunning to the world.

The three main components of the outfit you will need before you begin are blouse, petticoat and the saree. Now on to the steps.

1. You should always be aware of the length of the saree and where it falls when wearing shoes. When choosing the shoes and the sarees it is recommended that the saree sits perfectly on top of the ground just covering the feet. Choosing elegant shoes is important to go well with the elegant saree.

2. Now it is time to wrap the saree around your waist. You can do this in a spinning motion and always make sure that the decorated side, also known as the pallu, goes on the outside to be displayed. The more simple and plain end is the one you start with and ends up hidden.

3. Wrap the sari around one more time but skip the tucking in step. Now make sure that the pallu is around the length of your arm and pull it over your shoulder. It is important to remember to put a pin on the saree and petticoat so it does not fall. The length people usually go with is around the back of the knee but people can choose to either go shorter or longer depending on taste.

4. Make sure the cloth is fitted and tuck it in 3-4 inches left of your belly button. It is important to make sure that the saree is snug all the way around.

5. Any loose clothing that you see pleat with your right hand and wind it in between the thumb and pinkie holding with alternating fingers. Now it is time to tuck in your pleats. This is another good moment to use the pin so that the pleats of the saree stay together the whole day.

Another good idea if this is your first time putting on a saree is to have someone there to assist you. One of the best ways they can provide help is kneeling on the floor and making sure that all the pleats are even at the bottom of the saree.

Now it is time to take a look in the mirror and get ready to go out wearing your beautiful and traditional Saree.

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