Grooms’ Favorite Wedding Ideas

Everyone knows that weddings are really the bride’s purview. Yet these days, grooms are more involved than ever in the wedding planning process, and many of them are bringing their own ideas into play. Here are some of the favorite ideas that grooms have contributed to their weddings.

Part of the reason that wedding planning has not held more appeal for the average guy is that weddings tend to be formal and fancy. The fact is that most men are happier in environments that are relaxed and fun rather than stuffy or precious. When you start talking about canapés and candlelight, you lose them.

Men who take an active role in planning their weddings will usually try to lighten them up and to inject some of their own personality into the finished party. This is a great trend, because it means that the groom will feel like it is his wedding too, not just a day for the bride. In addition, the other men at the wedding might find the whole thing to be a little more to their liking. Less sentimental and more fun, in other words.

If you ask any groom what part of the wedding concerns him the most, he is likely to say the food. One trend that grooms can really get behind is serving comfort food, especially for the cocktail hour. Pigs in blankets on silver platters, sleeves of crispy fresh “pommes frites” (french fries), milkshake shots and mac and cheese cups are all high on the list of things that grooms really love to see on their menu. Serve these foods, and you can bet that your guests will love them as well.

Grooms also like foods that will make their wedding feel more festive. One great way to add a lighthearted spirit to a reception is to hire a cotton candy machine. This is a unique touch that is sure to be a hit, especially with the kids at the reception. Give a nod to the bride, and order the confection to be made in the wedding colors that she has chosen. You can also have cotton candy cones wrapped and sealed with a custom sticker to give out as wedding favors at the end of the night. It is a fresh twist on the candy bar favor idea that is so popular.

Another idea that grooms really go for is the groom’s cake. These cakes are custom made by specialty bakers in a design that represents an interest of the groom’s. It could be a cake shaped like his dog, or sculpted to look like his favorite car, or even the helmet of his favorite NFL team. The point is that the groom’s cake is one part of the wedding that is all about him, even in the most formal and traditional white wedding. Best of all, the groom’s cake is traditionally chocolate.

Something else that grooms love is to have some sort of activity at the wedding reception, beyond dancing and eating. Casino nights have become a popular form of entertainment at some weddings. It can be done in a very hip sort of way (although not every bride is going to go for this idea, no matter how well it is executed). This can tie in well with groomsmen gifts that have a poker theme. The nice thing about those types of groomsmen gifts is that they are a signal to the groom’s buddies that he still intends to hang with them on poker night after he is married.

The more the groom becomes involved with planning his wedding, the better. It will give him a chance to be a part of the festivities, and it also gives the bride a fresh take on what a wedding should be like. When the bride and groom plan their wedding together, the day will feel even more special to both of them.

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