A Brief History of Gold

Gold has captivated nearly every civilization that has run across it since the dawn of time, it seems. The history of this precious metal called gold goes far back into mankind’s past – further back than the average person gives much thought to. Likely since prehistoric times has gold been thought of as precious and special. With the flash and glamour of gold comes its ability to be molded and shaped into whatever the heart desires, with no need for smelting to purify first.

Most people, when thinking about how far back humans have loved gold, think about the Egyptians. Those people sure did love their gold! Pharaohs would send mining expeditions to northern Africa to mine the gold and bring it home to the goldsmiths. From vessels and furniture to funeral items and stunning jewelry, the Egyptian pharaohs had goldsmiths working tirelessly to use the magic element everywhere it could be appreciated. Mining grew and grew as technology evolved and the Romans began the process of hydraulic mining. This type of mining for gold used huge amounts of water to break up rocks and wash away dirt and debris in order to reach the precious metal embedded there.

Gold has long held great fascination for people of every civilization, and while things have changed in recent years, gold is still popular just in a different way. People do still enjoy gold jewelry, or at least partial gold jewelry, but most of the time gold is used as a commodity in this day and age. Those interested in investing but do not know where to start should think about gold as it is relatively easy to buy and sell and is definitely something worth investing in. Gold can sit hidden away and hold or increase its value the entire time.

It appears that the discovery of gold and its many uses and value has been around about as long as people have been around. Used for trading, for adornment and for investing, the shiny precious metal is the basis of currency and has been such for many years. With crazy economies and doom and gloom world pronouncements, investing in gold is a good idea to secure future funds, for gold does not go down far enough to matter and will always come back up. Value is value.

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