The Groom And His Accessories

In most wedding occasions, the bride is often the center and focus of all attention and preparation. Her wedding gown and all her accessories are well planned and chosen. Yet any wedding will be incomplete without the groom, his accessories and all other essentials that the groom will use.

There are a number of accessories that will make up the outfit of a groom so that he may look his best on his wedding day. Weddings are typically formal events and the groom usually wears formal suits and attire. There are grooms who choose to wear a tailored formal suit and there are also those who choose to wear a rented tuxedo.

The neckwear is one type of accessory that the groom may choose to match his suit. When it comes to neckwear, the groom has numerous options to choose from. There are bowties and long ties in various styles and colors. The groom may stay conservative and choose typical patterns and colors of his neck wear that is in similarity with his suit and pants. The groom may also spice up his attire by perking up his neck wear. If he is to wear a black tuxedo, he may use a silver colored tie or a tie with weave or stripe patterns. A tuxedo paired with a bowtie tends to look more formal than long ties. If the groom wants a very formal appearance, he may wear a white or black colored tie. Colored and patterned ties may be worn in different less formal occasions.

Waistcoats or vests may be worn by grooms to add personal touches to their wedding suits. Like in neck wear, white colored vests are best in formal weddings. The groom may also wear a vest whose color is similar to the color theme of their wedding or the color of the wedding attendants’ attire. There are vests in backless design and there are also vests the fully covers the back. Full backed vests tend to be more stylish yet backless vests are typically worn over hired tux.

There are large pleated bands of fabric called cummerbunds that are put on the waist instead of a vest. There are black cummerbunds for classical look and there are also other colored accessories that can be selecting to complement the wedding party’s attire. In wearing cummerbunds, remember that the ruffles should point up and that a jacket should be worn with it. Wearing a cummerbund without the jacket will make the groom look unkempt.

Cuff links may be just tiny add-ons to the groom’s attire but can entirely make a big difference to how a groom looks. Cuff links are in various styles, and shapes. The silver square cuff links are worn by a classical groom. There are also cuff link designs that can be chosen to match the theme of the wedding. Suppose the bride and the groom are football fans, the groom may wear a cuff link with the number of his favorite football player. Whatever the personal choice or design that the groom wants; there are a number of jewellery makers who can create custom made cuff links for them. There are also unusual designs of cuff links that can be found in many online shops.

The stud set is also a type of accessory that can embellish the groom’s attire. This stud set consists of 4 little jewellery pieces that are placed on a formal shirt in lieu of usual buttons.

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