Solution To A Troubled Marriage

Perfection does not exist. No couple is immune to problems. The question is, what can be done to save a troubled marriage? Maybe your spouse has betrayed your trust or frequent conflicts has sapped the joy from your marriage. Even if your marriage is characterized by frequent arguing, separation does not always end life’s anxieties.

Marriage should be viewed as a permanent bond. Do not make a hasty decision to end your marriage, think carefully before you act. It is very important to be fully informed and approach the question of separation realistically.

Nevertheless, separation and remarriage maybe considered on the grounds of sexual relations outside marriage. Though you have the right to terminate the marriage in such circumstances, you would do well to give serious thought to the consequences.

No one should impose their views on you. In the end, you are the one who will live with the consequences of your decision; therefore you are the one who must decide. Unless you want to accept other people opinion to be your reality.

In certain circumstances such as the one under consideration, it is difficult to honour one’s commitments. Before making a hasty decision to end your marriage, consider the following important issues.

The Long-term Effect of Separation on You

Some couples who get a divorce never remarry and have a second marriage. A person whose marriage has been legally ended usually experience a wide range of emotions. Even after several years, they will feel confused. One the one hand, they may recall many happy moments from their marriage. On the other hand, they may have lingering feeling of anger and hatred over the ways in which their spouse treated them. This sweet-bitter memory may linger for several years after divorce.

Separation May Put a Severe Strain on Your Finances

The problem of finances, needless to say, is one of the important issues worthy of consideration before getting a divorce. Separation often deals a devastating blow to women. It is usually very difficult for a lone mother to care for the children, find a job as well as deal with the emotional agony of separation.

The Devastating Effect of Separation on Your Children

All to often children are the really casualties when a married couple separates. Even if Mom and Dad have frequent conflicts, it seems, children are relatively content as long as the family is together. After divorce, most children find it difficult to get along with both parents. They may feel got in the middle. Separation could have a devastating effect on your children, especially if they do not have a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse. In addition, creating a working relationship with your spouse ex-spouse is often difficult. It is not always easy to negotiate with your ex on issues regarding visitation, financial support and so on.

If your marriage seems fragile and its collapse seems imminent, try the following suggestions.

First of all off you need to identify the problem areas. Try to identify the immediate and remote causes of the present problem. Find out precisely what has interfered with your marriage.

Having identified the problem areas, find a satisfactory solution. When both you and your mate work together to restore peace to your marriage, the problem is easily solved.

Even if your efforts seem futile, do not give up. I encourage you and your spouse to be forgiving. Be kind and freely forgive each other. Do not be bitterly angry with each other. Hey, divorce is not the answer! Forgive and forget.

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