Tasteful Bridal Jewelry For Older Brides

The average age for an American bride is about 25 years old. For women who are a bit older than that (or even quite a bit older), they will want to take a few things into consideration when choosing their bridal jewelry. Instead of wearing the type of jewelry that a young ingenue would, an older bride should look for pieces that suit her age and level of sophistication.

Perhaps you have seen so many beautiful pieces of bridal jewelry, and simply do not know what is appropriate or where to begin. It will be much easier once you have selected your gown or bridal ensemble. Then you can match the formality of the jewelry to what you will be wearing on your special day.

Brides who are a little older will find that certain styles of bridal jewelry will suit them and that others will look too young. This will have less to do with whether you are a first time bride or not; it is really a question of finding pieces that are elegant and sophisticated. There are a few styles, in particular, that a mature woman should avoid.

It is often the hair jewelry that poses the great pitfalls for an older bride. There are some types of headpieces that will work beautifully for a bride of any age, but others that will not. Tiaras, specifically, are best left to the younger set. Unless you are real royalty, skip the crown, and opt for a more chic look like a scattering of hairpins.

Other types of jewelry will depend on your own style and figure. For example, a woman who has, shall we say, a “mature” neck, should stay away from chokers, as they will emphasize any wrinkles or looseness that may be present. It is still possible to wear a short necklace; just do not choose one that clings too tightly to the neck.

On the other hand, there may be some styles that you are unaccustomed to wearing that could work beautifully. Many women, as they grow older, tend to get more conservative in their fashion choices. Your wedding might be the perfect time to break away from what you wear every day and try something more adventurous, like a great pair of drop earrings.

One of the nicest things about being an older bride is that you likely know your own taste and sensibilities. This will prove very helpful when it comes time to choose your wedding gown and jewelry. You may want to consider having your bridal jewelry custom made so that you can get exactly what you want. If you find a designer who handcrafts custom bridal jewelry from Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls, it can be surprisingly affordable.

There are so many wonderful options when it comes to wedding jewelry, which means that there is a perfect set for every bride. When you are an older bride, make sure that the bridal jewelry you select really makes you shine. Knowing that your jewelry looks great will help you to feel even lovelier on your wedding day.

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