Pre-Wedding Jitter Tips For Brides

The big wedding day is coming, and as the bride you start to feel the butterflies in your stomach. While the groom seems to manage just fine, as the bride you start to feel the stress rising as the wedding day gets closer. Brides tend to let the jitters start to affect them emotionally and physically. It’s important for the bride to maintain wellness for her important day, so consider these tips before allowing the stress to overcome you.

Make sure to eat healthy. You’ve heard the old saying “you are what you eat.” This saying holds true. Don’t starve yourself to lose weight. Walking down the aisle and having enough energy for the big day requires any bride to keep up her energy. Letting nutrition go downhill can create many health issues. You may also find yourself dizzy or lethargic on your wedding day.

Practice your posture for that bridal walk. Brides who have elaborate dresses and high, spiked heals should consider practicing for the wedding day walk. Maintaining good posture will help ensure pictures of the bride with her father are spectacular. It’s also a good method to promote better back health for the future.

Get a massage to help relieve some of the tension. Whether it’s a big or small wedding, brides become nervous especially when they think about all the planning and consideration that needs to happen without mistakes. Getting a massage will help you relax and remove stress related tension from the back. You don’t want to have muscle strains or tension that could potentially bring pain during your important wedding day.

Keep your regular exercise routine. Don’t get lazy with your daily exercise since it keeps you healthy and helps your mind stay clear. Take a walk, try yoga, do pilates. All of these exercise forms will help keep you in shape and release stress.

Ensure that you get a good night sleep every night. Sleeping well is important for a bride’s health. A good night’s sleep will help you with energy levels and overall mental health the day of the wedding. Try to avoid stimulants like caffeine that could potentially keep you awake and make your nerves even more frazzled.

Finally, drink lots of water to maintain a healthy diet. Water is the best resource to clear toxins, and it will keep your skin, hair, and nails healthy. Drinking plenty of water will keep your skin glowing for pictures, and it will remove unwanted toxins from the body that could otherwise cause health problems. It will also keep stains from developing on your teeth and yellowing the enamel that can show up in wedding pictures.

Whether you’re a bride with a large wedding, or even if you’re a bride who’s just having a simple wedding day make sure to follow these tips. These tips will help you keep stress levels low and keep you healthy. After you’ve followed all these tips, when the day finally arrives make sure to have fun!

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