Proposing the Romantic Way

Romance is everything in a proposal.  It is your main opportunity to show your special someone the inner romantic you truly are.  Well, that is if you are a romantic.  For those of you who aren’t, here are a couple of tips on getting it right.

First off this isn’t about you this is about her.  Even if you are a girl proposing to a guy, I still think this is about you.   Find a place that she would like to be in when she gets engaged.  Imagine what she will you to say and she will want you to do.  Be yourself, but this is her moment.

If you get the right atmosphere you will have a great start.  Remember the first place you met, the first place you kissed, the first place you realized you liked each other.  Maybe you have a special place that has become “your” place.  This sort of personal approach can have sentiment and will strike a chord with the person you are proposing to.  As a quick tip, consider bringing a camera and taking photographs before the proposal.   You will want to remember this night the rest of your life.  Just make sure and don’t take pictures after the proposal as often times there are tears, plus you don’t want to mess up the mood.

Most girls love surprises.  But there has to be anticipation as well.  Girls love the build up and plans.  That is somewhat an oxymoron to surprises so a good strategy is needed.  Make your plans secret and do not tip your special someone off that you are going to propose to them.  Of course I hope at this point you have talked about marriage with your special somewhat and you know it is something you both want.  That is an entire other article so I will leave that up to you.  Once you are headed that direction the strategy can be simple and effective.  If you think she knows you are going to propose to her then use it to your advantage.  Build up the suspense.  You possibly can take her out to a fancy dinner where she may think you are going to propose.  But not yet.  Hold off and maybe go to that place you and her only go sometimes.  Her anticipation will grow each spot you take her.  But not yet.  Maybe after that start wrapping the evening up. Then on your way home maybe just veer off to spontaneously to the first place you and her kissed.  Hold her hand, go on a walk, arrive at the spot and get down on one knee.  Anticipation + suspense = Surprise.

Don’t be afraid to get creative.  You can have a violinist playing at that special spot in the background, you can have candles and rose pedals to set the mood.  If you aren’t able to hire a violinist and don’t know anybody that plays the violin, try setting up a portable music player in the background playing soft romantic music.  That way you can set the mood no matter if you are at the ocean or in a park.

No matter what make it personal.  It is about her and it is for the both of you.  Life will have it’s whirlwinds and will have it’s joys.  A proposal is one of those joys of life, and it should always be something you can cherish for the rest of your life.

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